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HLSW for Server Admins – manage your game server

HLSW or Half-Life ServerWatch is an awesome administration tool to manage your game server. It’s primarily a tool for admins, but regular players can use it too (as a server browser).

With HLSW you can chat to players on your server without ever entering the server! You can execute RCON commands, change the map, etc.


HLSW supports many games aside from Half-Life 1 and Half Life 2. Some of the more popular ones are; Battlefield 2, Call of Duty (all games), Crysis, Neverwinter Nights and more. You can see the complete list at

HLSW is freeware and compatible with Windows 2000 SP4, XP and Vista.

You can download it at



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Useful Software: TeraCopy

TeraCopy is an application that makes copying files faster. It includes features such as: pause and resume file transfers, error recovery (retrying several times), shell integration and more.

TeraCopy has 2 versions, a free one and a Pro one. It is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 (x32 and x64 versions)

You can download it at

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Secure Password Manager: Any Password

The biggest threat to online security and computer security are easy to guess passwords. Most people choose easy to guess passwords and this is very bad. That plus the prevalence of social networking sites makes it very easy for hackers to guess your password. Aside from guessing, they can use brute-force dictionary attacks that can break passwords in a matter of minutes or hours.

You can stop this from happening by choose a complex alpha-numeric password. Remembering an alpha-numeric password is difficult and sometimes next to impossible. An example of this is a password like 2Gkb4S2q. An even better password is one that uses characters like question marks and exclamation points in addition to letters and numbers (eg. &%sZ+VLl).

This is where Any Password comes into play. Any Password is a password manager. You can store passwords as well as other sensitive information in its database. The database itself can be passworded and its encrypted to prevent outside snooping. It also includes a random password generator.

Any Password is compatible with Microsoft Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP

To use it on Vista, you will need to purchase the Pro version.

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Useful Software: Desktop Restore

Desktop Restore is a handy little tool that lets you save the positions of icons on your desktop.  It’s especially useful if you have multiple monitors and you have icons on those monitors.

Saving and restoring is done by right clicking the desktop and selecting your desired action from the context menu.  You can even create multiple saves and restore different layouts.

You can download it at

Desktop Restore is freeware and the latest version is officially compatible with Windows XP, 2000 and Vista.  I have personally tested the latest version on two Windows 2003 Server computers and have encountered no problems.  There are other versions that are compatible with 64Bit windows and Windows 98/ME.

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Useful Software: Process Explorer

Process Explorer is an awesome task manager replacement.   With it you can view all applications running on your computer (even ones Windows TaskMan hides), get more information about your application (working memory, peak working memory, etc.) and more!  You can even see which applications are sub-processes of a parent application.

It’s great to use on servers because you get much more control over processes and you can see more.  There is one major problem though, if you play games on your computer, and the game uses SecuRom disc protection, the game will not run when Process Explorer is running.  You will have to disable Process Explorer  from replacing the Task Manager and restart your computer.  The reason this is, is because Process Explorer includes a Debugger and SecuRom detects it as a hack tool.  Aside from that, its safe to use.  The original programmer was hired by Microsoft a few years ago and the download site is on the Microsoft website.

Process Explorer

You can download it at

Wikipedia Article:

Process Explorer is Freeware and works on Windows XP and Higher and Windows 2003 Server and Higher.

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Useful Software: Unlocker

Unlocker is a very useful little application that allows you to unload applications from memory so that you can delete/move them.

Sometimes applications don’t unload and require you to restart or reboot to safe-mode to delete/move them.  Unlocker solves this by forcibly unloading the application.

Unlocker is freeware and is available at

It’s compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista.

P.S. I would not recommend installing it on a server because than hackers could unload and delete all your security software.

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Useful Software: TreeSize Free

TreeSize Free is a great tool that shows you all the files and folders on your hard drive and the size of them.  It’s great to use when you’re running out of hard drive space and you want to deleted something but don’t know what.

TreeSize Free

Several years ago i ran this tool, and discovered a 2GB page file that wasnt used for several years.  I deleted it and recovered 2GB so i didnt need to buy a new hard drive right away.

TreeSize Free is freeware and you can download it at

Wikipedia article:

The latest version is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Version 2.1 is compatible with Windows 9x/ME.

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Useful Software: Moo0 SystemMonitor

Moo0 SystemMonitor is an application that displays various system statistics right on your desktop.  It has a large variety of sensors like CPU usage per core, free memory, hard drive temperature,  incoming and outgoing bandwidth and much much more.

It doesn’t use too many system resources (ive noticed on 2 server systems and 1 client system that it uses around 20MB of memory and between 0.20% to 1.3% CPU).  It’s an especially useful application to use on a server since you can monitor everything going on in one central location.

You can change skins, increase/decrease the font size, change transparency, dock it, auto hide it, change the layout and more.

Moo0 SystemMonitor

You can download Moo0 SystemMonitor from

Moo0 SystemMonitor is freeware and is compatible with Windows XP/2003/Vista

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Useful Software: ClickOff

ClickOff is a freeware application that allows you to automatically close popup error windows, application windows, fill in text, click dialogs,  etc.  It’s alot easier to use than AutoHotKey because scripting is not required.

It also makes a great companion to FireDaemon because it closes any popup error windows.  The problem with this application is that you must leave your computer/server logged in for the window close to work.  Logging out or trying to run the application itself as a service does not work.

ClickOff is freeware and is available from the author’s website at

I have tested the application on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2003 Server.  It should probably work on other windows variants too.  There is some minor GUI corruption in Vista, but that’s probably because its not fully supported.

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