Speed up the start time and performance of Adobe Acrobat with Acrobat Speedup

Acrobat Speedup is small application that speeds up the start time and performance of Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat has a lot of features and as such can take longer to start up. Most of those features you dont use, so this application speeds up performance by disabling those features.

Acrobat Speedup

Of your course you can always use another PDF viewer like FoxIT PDF, but the problem is that other PDF viewers might not be able to view certain types of PDF Files, so using Adobe Speedup will make your Acrobat as fast or nearly as fast as other PDF viewers and you will still be able to view most types of PDF files.

Acrobat Speedup is freeware and is compatible with all versions of windows.

You can download it http://software.bootblock.co.uk/?id=adobereaderspeedup

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Monday, October 12th, 2009 Useful Software


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